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17 June - 3 Sept, 2023


Still Motion

At the heart of the exhibition thrums a vibrant life force which Claire Lindner draws from the organic and the living world. Her chimeral works captivate with sinuous expressivity, dynamic forms, and intense colours. The exhibition takes us through five stages that question our relationship with nature, the bond that unites living beings, and the fragility of ecosystems.

« To lift Nature out of the decorations and mouldings, and let It invade and settle the museum space. »

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Patrick Loughran

This exhibition presents the results of artist Claire Lindner’s research and creative residency at the European Institute of Ceramic Arts. With her residency at the IEAC, she reinterprets the work of the famous Alsatian ceramicist Théodore Deck and his connection to nature and ornamentation, and draws inspiration from Deck's work in her search for a new glazing process with water-like effects. The results, on display for the first time, are unique works that depict a transfiguration of matter with pieces combining ceramics and glass.

Logique improvisée

This strange, hybrid creature grows and spreads like a large root across the museum's floor. It is made of raw clay that dries over time, and is therefore changing and ephemeral, showcasing a real process of material transformation.
This piece thus draws us into an experience not only of space, but also time, much like a ceramic version of Urs Fischer's wax installation presented in the Rotunda of the Bourse du Commerce in Paris in 2021. By spotlighting this transformation of the clay, which becomes discoloured, crackles, and dries, Claire Lindner underscores the vulnerability of living things and ecosystems. 


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Bridging continuously between artistic creation and applied ceramic arts technique, the IEAC contributes to a greater synergy between excellent craftsmanship and the challenges of contemporary artistic creation. Recognized as a centre of expertise, the IEAC fosters the development of ceramic arts through exhibitions, residencies, and the training of future talent in contemporary ceramics.

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